Not an explanation, but a surprise

When we speak of language in Lacan, in psychoanalysis, it is not a means of expressing what you think (your thought or your mentality). Language is not a means of expression. I would say that language is weird. You are not at home in the Freudian unconscious. What is so clear in Freud, what he maintained to the end, is the Otherness of the unconscious: that you cannot feel at home in the unconscious. And the Freudian unconscious, contrary to the Kohutian unconscious, is not smiling at all. Freud called that das Unheimliche; the “uncanny.” You believe you are in your own house, and as a matter of fact you are not at home in your own house. Freud taught that at this unconscious level, you are in relationship with a truth which is not fundamentally smiling, which is a horrible truth that Freud called "castration". That is why for Theodor Reich, for instance, surprise was so important in interpretation. Interpretation was not an explanation, but a surprise.

Πηγή: Απόσπασμα από το κείμενο του Jacques-Alain Miller "How Psychoanalysis Cures According to Lacan", Newsletter of the Freudian Field, 1(2)

Εικόνα: Mitchell Luo

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