"How can I...?"

Question: How can I learn to deal with negative self-talk and anxiety?

"How to...." This dimension of human discernment about life, the ‘how to’, is as much problematic as the issues that it tries to deal with; in this case there are negative talk and anxiety. It is a question attributed to a master, to someone somewhere that knows the something to cure you, to change everything for you or, alternatively, to provide his or her skills and knowledge so that you don’t suffer any more: it is a solution that does not take into account the person’s own responsibility in all this- for example "Why are there negative talk and anxiety?" To answer this ‘why’ it means to discover and unveil a gnosis available only to the person in question, a sort of knowledge that no specialist can provide because it is individually crafted in our own living narrative that articulates truths beyond statistics - it is a very personal science and to comprehend its cause and affect it means for one to work in changing his/her life. This process towards that very personal science accommodates one’s unexampled solution at the same time. It is a solution having no example because no other being is you, and nobody else has been formed in the same way, at the same story. Thus, the solution is interpreted as the knowledge been one with the action. One separates the two when there is no desire to work, and then the "he or she who may know" are called in, to provide algorithms and mechanical directions to a problem that does not exist- it was not an equation in the first place anyway. What actually exists and it is present in this negative self talk and anxiety is a person who is repeated as such and metaphorises also the world as such. When the other ways we may have available to stand in the world are failing to provide us with a stance within the geography of life, then we will retort to prevail in melacholia. And yet that melacholia with the "how to" demand, is a chance to create, to craft a new cosmogony and draft fundamental changes in the way we want to experience our animated body. To be, however, a creator of new worlds a person needs to abandon the pillars of the previous ones. In this new creation there is no "how to" elements because the cores leading people to that experience of anxiety will not be there. What is said here, simply, is that by dealing with ‘negative self talk and anxiety’ one achieves nothing, because the human mind is more complicated that a company or a business. Rather, to answer this "how to" it is suggested that one really investigates his/her own desire and life. Truth be told, it is this that needs a good ‘dealing’ with: the “how to live according to what I want- and to do so with ease. If this were the case, then there would not have been any negative self-talk or anxiety to start with.


Πηγή: Question: How can I learn to deal with negative self-talk and anxiety?

Εικόνα: Emily Morter

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