A vortex of uncertainty

"[...] Let’s say you have managed to maintain some kind of equilibrium in your life through things that might not attract a lot of attention—walks you take every day, or even trivial, fleeting interactions with local shopkeepers. If all these different things that people construct to give them stability are removed, the person is often left with a kind of vortex of uncertainty. All their classical defensive structures that they have spent years or decades building up are no longer available because of restrictions placed on movement and activity. That means that the compensations will be more frequent and more visible. Also, of course, being suddenly trapped in your home with other people can trigger a lot of problems. It can be very distressing if, suddenly, a lot of people find that their personal space has been removed."


Πηγή: Απόσπασμα από το κείμενο Psychoanalyst Darian Leader Gives Our COVID-Fears A Rationale

Εικόνα: Yohann LIBOT

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